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Advanced Muscle Science

Body building takes time and effort. Repeated effort. There is no magic pill that will turn your goals into reality with out a strict regimen of diet physical effort.

The good news is that we can finally speed the process up and even improve on your normal results with a little help from science and without the downsides of the past.

The amount of muscle that you are able to build depends in part on your genetics, as well as how much time and effort you are willing to commit. Food, exercise and the various hormones that our body produces affects the amount of muscle mass that we can build. However, add the right amount of muscle growing or endurance supplement and results are vastly improved, both in performance and sheer physical size and strength.

This is where an overview of the science of bodybuilding becomes critical to achieving you goals.  A little understanding and some help from the latest in scientific research can greatly affect and improve your result. The latest advances in the science of endurance and muscle development androgen modulators now offer the tools to help you rapidly improve your conditioning and increase your muscle mass without the downside of former methods.

The Science of Bodybuilding

The Four Pillars of Body Building

If you are looking to increase muscle mass, it is important to understand the basic ideas behind how this process works. Muscle growth can also be called hypertrophy, and is the increase in the size of the muscle cells caused by the stress that we place on our muscles.

Hypertrophy results by placing stress on the muscle, and the muscle reacts by enlarging the cellular size to cope with the increased load.

In a separate but related process known as hyperplasia, the cells will increase in number following injury to repair themselves and gain more strength. This will increase the size of the muscle along with its capacity to reduce the amount of damage that the stress imparts on the muscle.

Conversely, over time, muscle fibres will both shrink and break down if they are not being used, which will reduce the size of your muscles. This is known as muscle atrophy.

This is where exercise, food, and specifically protein come into play. Without correct nutrition, atrophy can happen even when you are working out every day. High levels of stress on the muscles will tear down muscle fibres, but without adequate nutrition your body will not be able to create adequate amino acid chains to replace these fibres. As a result, your muscles will shrink. This is why bodybuilders will maintain diets that are high in protein, and use products that promote the release of growth hormones. These diets and supplements will help the body not only maintain but also build muscle mass.

Along with working out and diet, our muscles are affected by our bodies’ natural hormonal balance. When you are looking to build large muscles, you need testosterone. However we are limited by our own genetics. Production tends to be stable in most individuals peaking in youth and declining over the years as we age. Without assistance we are going to hit a point where our muscles will not grow any larger. However you can affect the amount of hormones that your body is producing with your diet and using supplements that stimulate or replicate the affect of these hormones.


Natural growth hormones such as testosterone, combined with a high protein diet and exercise, help you create muscle mass. They also have the benefits of improving your energy and strength.

However as any body builder will tell you, there is a down side. Testosterone products are suppressive in nature, meaning they shut down your body’s ability to produce it own testosterone, both during and some time after a cycle. The two obvious results are a lack of libido, and a spike in estrogen, often known as estrogen bounce, which can cause a variety of issues including mood swings and gyno or fatty breast tissue development in men.

Boosting the amount of testosterone that your body has available for building muscle however, does not have to come at such a harsh price. New science has developed an alternative range of products which produce a similar effect to testosterone injections but without the sort of side effects experienced when using testosterone directly. These compounds which have been extensively clinically tested, are called SARMS or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.

By tricking the muscle (androgen) receptors into believing they have been attached with a testosterone molecule, more natural testosterone is left in serum, meaning you get the same sort of effect as taking exogenous testosterone. These supplements also have little to no side effects.

The science of muscle building does not need to be confusing or time-consuming. Advanced Muscle Science can help you create the body that you have been dreaming of by offering the best supplements on the market.


“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”