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Product Name – Ostarine

Contents – Ostarine (Enobosarm/MK-2866) 25mg per ml in 30ml bottle.

HPLC (Purity) Report Available Here


What Can Ostarine do for me?

Ostarine is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) which promotes muscle growth in a similar manner as steroids, however unlike testosterone , other anabolic steroids and prohormones, SARMs (as non-steroidal agents) don’t produce the growth effect on prostate.


How should I administer Ostarine?

Take one dropper (1ml / 25mg) per day. Hold under the tongue for 2 minutes for sub lingual absorption. Best taken an hour before workout, and at least 30 minutes before or after food.

Are there any side effects that I should know about?

Ostarine will cause some suppression of natural testosterone production so taking Arimidex during and Liquid Nolva after a cycle will prevent any post cycle issues with estrogen.


What other products combine well with Ostarine?

Armidex during cycle, Liquid Nolva for PCT for estrogen prevention and MK-677 for additional GH levels, repair and growth.


Tech Talk

Of all the SARMS Ostarine, in particular focuses its anabolic effects on muscle tissue almost exclusively. So not only does it represent a new potential treatment option for a wide spectrum of conditions from muscle wasting diseases (from age-related to AIDS or cancer-related), but is also has immense potential for muscle building as an agent to minimize atrophy during recovery periods from serious surgery or similar situations.

Unlike steroids, SARMS do not convert to estrogen, which can cause gyno and water retention.  SARMS do not increase Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, which can lead to acne, hair loss and an enlarged prostate.


Learn More about Ostarine: MK 2866

This amazing SARM [Selective Androgen Receptor Module] has been created in order to help men and muscles from wasting or hurting. Many experts claim that this could be actually the cure for treating atrophy, a serious disease that results in a total waste of a particular body part.

The Ostarine: MK 2866 can increase the body mass. Unlike S1, this SARM is still going through many expansions.

Learn How It Works

SARM aims to activate the androgen receptor as well as the bone and the muscular properties. By consuming Ostarine: MK 2866 it intensifies protein and builds the body muscles.

Unlike the steroids that cause some negative side effects, the Ostarine: MK 2866produces massive muscle growth without causing any additional trouble. This drug is specifically designed to produce muscles, without causing prostate issues or any other problem in the sexual organs.

What Does It Do

This SARM uses the anabolic effects that you will receive in order to fix your muscle tissue. This is the ideal supplement for all athletes and of course the bodybuilders as well as all fitness buffs that want to create a massive muscle appearance.

Clinical Trial

Ostarine: MK 2866 has already undergone 8 scientific trials on approximately 600 people. Additionally, there have been 3 studies that have thoroughly studied all of the positive or possible negative effects.

The results showed that this SARM offers a total boost and truly empowers the muscle mass. All the bodybuilders who have already used it, they stated that it had offered them an incredible lean muscle mass and amazing strength levels.

Benefits of Ostarine: MK 2866

This SARM has proven to offer to the users the following benefits:

  • Increased mass gain
  • Empowered strength
  • High levels of endurance
  • Healing properties for the joints
  • Anabolic effects

How to Use Ostarine: MK 2866

If you are aiming to increased bulking, then this is the ideal SARM for you. The suggested dosage is only 25mg for approximately 4-6 weeks. You will find out that you can actually lift 6 lbs. more during this period that you are consuming this SARM. In addition, if you weigh 210 lbs. you can increase the dosage in 36mg for 8 weeks instead.

If you are taking it for recomping, then you should reduce the dosage to 12.5 mg to 4-8 weeks. Do not forget to increase the quantity of proteins you are taking in your daily nutrition.

Lastly, if you want to use it for cutting, then you must preserve the muscle gain and use a small dosage of 12.5 mg for 4-6 weeks.


If you are currently on a beast mode, then this is the perfect supplement for you. It will help you stay healthy, empowered without causing you any additional problems. The spectacular thing about this SARM is that it has absolutely no side effects; therefore there is no actual risk in trying it out in order to see if it works for you.